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 Raid Dps infos

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PostSubject: Raid Dps infos   Raid Dps infos Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2016 10:33 am

  1. DPS optimization is a really cool and interesting part of EQ.

    It can be difficult to identify DPS problems, but I'll point out 3 main points:
    1. Knowing how to DPS well as individuals of x class (micro)
    2. Coordinating with your group/raid (macro)
    3. Being geared (somewhat minor impact)

    If you know what you're doing, it becomes a lot easier to do well on a parse. However, DPS numbers themselves can be very misleading. If I parse well in a raid event, I might do 100k DPS (example numbers). If I do the same raid with another raid team, maybe a pickup raid, I might do 60k DPS even though I'm doing the same thing. If I do the same raid and we have 30 people vs 54, my DPS will be much lower. This seems obvious, but people often forget when comparing parses across guilds and servers. If I do 100k DPS on an event, and another bard on another server does 80k DPS on the same event, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm better at DPSing than they are. It depends on the total fight duration. As fight duration decreases, everyone's DPS increases.

    If you have a full, balanced raid with well built groups (BRD SHM BST BER X X) (ENC DRU 3x MAG or 3x NEC or 3x WIZ), use correct raid debuffs and AE discs, and plan a coordinated raid burn, you have the macro part done. If your DPS still isn't that great, the problem is within individual groups and how they coordinate ADPS, and/or with individual players and how they play their class.

    I would look at parses for a straightforward event (Vim/Vigor?) and compare members of the same class with each other. Have the higher DPS ones work together with lower DPS classmates to figure out what's causing the difference. Look at the # of hits they are making, what their DPS is and where it's coming from - DD or melee, etc. Look at spell use and see if they're using the right discs/spells at the right time. Make sure your ADPS players are cooperating with their groups and using discs properly.

    This is a bit old but hopefully still mostly correct (refresh timers have gone down for some):
    Raid Dps infos YRkunbw

    For the whole raid:
    - RNG should TB Auspice, rotate that, then MGB Auspice & rotate, then raidwide CoP rotation
    - SHM should MGB Ancestral Aid
    - BER should MGB Cry of Chaos

    In a melee DPS group:
    - BRD + SHM epic should be used together every 3 minutes. When your group does a burn, you want BST to use Ruaabri's Fury, SHM to use 3rd Spire, BRD to use Quick Time, BP and 3rd Spire.

    In a caster DPS group:
    - DRU should be using Black Wolf as much as possible. ENC should use IoG on burn, ideally along with Black Wolf. If you have a bard in the group also, they should not use FE with IoG (used to stack but don't any more). Bards should use Epic, 2nd Spire, BP, Quick Time.

    ADPS debuffs vs the boss:
    - SHD should rotate T'Vyl's Resolve; when it fades for all SKs, bards should rotate Funeral Dirge (or run Funeral Dirge while T'Vyl's is up if the fight won't last that long)
    - BRD should rotate Dance of Blades for Bladewhirl debuff
    - WIZ should rotate Mana Burn
    - DRU Skin to Seedlings
    - ENC Tash + Ethereal Manipulation

    Personal discs are more specific than I know for more than a couple classes. You'd have to find a good person for that class and double check that everyone of that class is on the same page. For some classes it can be hard to tell - NEC can be difficult to parse, and BRD spell use doesn't show up in logs. In those cases just hope that they will talk to each other and be open minded.

    Disc timing is also important. If your raid has lower DPS, you can usually coordinate more than 1 burn per event. On longer raids, I disc every 10 minutes. For anything less than 10 minutes, I will discuss with my group when they want me to use ADPS discs and act accordingly. Additionally, we have a coordinated raid burn at some specific %, depending on the event. It's important that players utilize their discs as much as possible, instead of saving and only using them once.     

[*]This post was one of RAID DPS Topic in eq Forum.I picked up the most informative one.The talk
[*]around it u can read on your own in the VETERAN SECTION there.
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PostSubject: Re: Raid Dps infos   Raid Dps infos Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2016 8:48 pm

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Raid Dps infos

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