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  Arx Mentis Event #4: Principal Indagatrix Lucia

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 Arx Mentis Event #4: Principal Indagatrix Lucia  Empty
PostSubject: Arx Mentis Event #4: Principal Indagatrix Lucia     Arx Mentis Event #4: Principal Indagatrix Lucia  Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2016 10:52 am

All I wanted to write this up to give an idea of how this event works.   I'm writing this on the public forms so everyone can see it and understand how it works.

First lets discuss pre set up.  Firiona Vie allows you to select 4 people who she will offer help during the fight. To get on the list you say "need help" any time during the fight.  I suggest these 4 people be the 4 people who will be towards the top of the aggro list for the majority of the event and will probably tank the 3 minis and boss at the end.  I believe if you die you will need to ask her again for help to get back on the list.

Next there is a little gnome who goes by the name Ognit Eznertob.  He offers a solution for the dots and area effect spell emotes you see during the fight. Some are range specific, meaning you need to be in range of the caster to hear the emote, some are zone wide.  To get his help go to him and say "need protection" when you say this he will do one of the 3 below.

1 ) cure you from the dot
2 ) cast a 40sec spell shield buff with 100% refection on you
3 ) he will cast a 56sec spell mod/attack buff on you which turns you into a wolf.

Depending on which zone wide emotes are being shouted and which mobs have died will decide which buff you will get. The majority of the time you will see the spell shield but during

Now that we have an idea of some of the mechanics for preventative measure i will go over some zone wide emotes.  Please note that both Principal Indagatrix Lucia and the 3 mini bosses

1 ) Zebarathe's feels faint claws scratching ....
|Your Name| feels ....
2 ) Electricity surges through Zebarathe's body.
Electricity surges through |Your Name| body.

You will see the same emotes from the first 2nd and 3rd events only this time your name will be apart of the emote instead of "You".  When you see these emotes you run to Ognit Eznertob and say "need protection" ... he will cast a cure or spell shield on you depending on which spell is cast on you.

If you are protected properly you will see a emote which says

An ancient spell has protected you.

Now when you see the emote for the parasites, you will see the following

Principal Indagatrix Lucia says 'Beware, magia. The parasites are returned, drawn by the magic of our conflict!'

At this time if you say "need protection" from Ognit Eznertob he will cast the spell mod/attack buff and illusion buff on you. This last 55 sec and each emote for the parasites are 56 sec apart.  So i believe this will protect you from the parasites in some way shape or form but have not figure it out yet. I recommend that chanters get this buff when the time is right.  The buff also gives you a super fast run speed so it can be used for kitting.

Lastly for the mechanics of the event Firiona Vie will randomly heal people also she offers healing directly if you ask her.  just say "keep me safe" This will add you on to the list please not only 4 people can stay on list at a time and if you say it to her again it will take one person off the list.  Next raid i will experiment with this a little more to get better details.

Ok, so now we have an understanding of what we need to do when we are targeted by emotes and/or low on health.  Lets get to the event.  This explains some of the event but does not cover all the details however this will give you a basic understanding of the phases. 

Now that we understand the mechanics and phases lets talk strat.

1 ) I don't think we should be separated, i think we should all be together and who ever get emotes runs away to the gnome and asks for help.
2 ) YOU should be responsible for yourself and get cure/spell shield from gnome when you see an emote with your name.
3 ) YOU should be responsible for knowing which mobs can be kill in phases 1, 2 and 3
4 ) YOU should be responsible for your dps and not over nuke and kill a mob that will make phase 4 start.
5 ) i think knights and bards/chanters should stand on outside watching for parasites so they can get them under control.
6 ) i think a knight with deflection disc should catch initial start of the first wave.  We have an area of target taunt which is prefect for this type of start. Then have wars taunt off etc... with shield flash and deflection disc they can offer 1 min and 15 sec of an un-killable state.  Also this will save a war fort for later phases.
7 ) bards should focus on mez while chanters focus more on charm and ae stun.
8 ) paladins need to splash often to cure snare.

If we get emotes under control then after all of that, even if a mes is broken, its pretty much killing some heavy hitting mobs with a random parasites spawn every 56 sec for phase 1,2,3 then some crazy mini bosses and a big fish.

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Arx Mentis Event #4: Principal Indagatrix Lucia

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