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 Meastro of Rancor -- Fight and Spell info

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Meastro of Rancor -- Fight and Spell info Empty
PostSubject: Meastro of Rancor -- Fight and Spell info   Meastro of Rancor -- Fight and Spell info Icon_minitimeSun Dec 06, 2015 1:44 pm

Ok all i've reviewed my parsing of meastro fight and found the following.

1) meastro has 2 spells which he alternates at every 20 sec the two spells are:

Dissonant Tones - PBAE HP debuff / death touch

Dissonant Muse - PBAE HP and Mana Dot (cure corruption counter), this debuffs almost every mana and hp regen but does not appear to debuff mana/hp/endurance regens.

spell info below :

2) he cast unwilling chorus every 30 sec ... spell info can be found below

3) spawns adds every 20% of his health (this part is bugged as the adds will not spawn in the cast that they have spawned in a previous encounter)

and the file goes as followed:
1) initial start cast Dissonant tone (this is dt)
2) 20 sec later cast dissonant muse (this is mana drain and hp dot)
3) 10 sec later cast unwilling chorus(mana drain and endurance dot)
4) 10 sec later cast dissonant tone
5) 20 sec later cast unwilling chorus and dissonant muse together
etc.... till end of fight ...

that means that every 2 unwilling chorus the next unwilling chorus will also cast dissonant muse together.

So the best strategy for this event is to figure out a way to take at least dissonant muse out of the picture for casters during the fight.
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Meastro of Rancor -- Fight and Spell info

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