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 Tower of Rot --- man that place pisses me off

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PostSubject: Tower of Rot --- man that place pisses me off   Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:27 pm

Ok so i wanted to start a thread with tower of rot strategy ideas.  I have a few ideas that will
1) help us with stupid viral dot
2) help us with over dps

First over dps.
I think every dps should make an audio trigger for the words "stop dps"

The idea is that when that audio trigger pop us you stop dps. You hit the duck button and stop whatever you are doing.
Also necro should only load undead nukes and fast duration dots.  If the dot last longer then 30 sec its no good.  
shaman on load fast dots if you are even casting dots ...
rangers only use bow on adds do not use bow on kyle until last 5 % (i mention this because i see this all the time rangers /autofire then afk)

Now the viral dot

1) i think we should split the casters and melee/tanks into different groups. Caster should be opposite of add camp outside of room.  And when they need to cast nukes they stand up run to door way of room cast nuke then go back and sit down.  What this will do. first it will split the raid up so that if the viral dot catches the whole raid will not be affected. next it will help us identify any problem spots for who is not able to get out of the room and down in the hallway where you belong when you get the dot. 3rd this will also help with over dps, it will keep casters engaged in having to move to do damage to a mob. And melee stays inside in the middle room

2) if the raid gets the viral dot then we need to fight through it and not run to hallway because i think we can handle one time of the whole raid catching the viral dot just as long as you can not re-catch it for the people that it fades for.  but the duration is said to be a 1 min and 30 sec but last night during raid it did not seem like that was true. it seems to be more around 45sec the dot is not as scary at you think at most you will lose 25K mana/end and most should be able to heal through the dot part.

3) the viral dot cast can be interrupted, yes folks you can keep the spell from casting.  so paladins as soon as you see a fallen advisor spawn you need to get on them and use your divine stun line to try and stop this from casting.

Now for other things, spawn location of a fallen XXX should be shown to people so they know where to look because as people have said a fallen advisor is hard to see. Also this will give a location for tanks to stand to get ready for adds.

Also i think we should change the location of where we tank kyle from 25% down this is to keep him away from adds so they do not auto aggro mt and he does not end up on the aggro list of a fallen advisor.  

just some thoughts that might help people
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PostSubject: Re: Tower of Rot --- man that place pisses me off   Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:29 am

Hallo all

Some good thinking Zebrathe.

1.Our Paladins on raids are like yourself and rare spawn Rhayzer and Ultra rare spawn
Duevian and Ulriqe.So stun is very good idea but please dont speak about "Paladins".

2.As fas as i know the Fallen adds always spawn in different SET spawn places.For example
the 25% health 2 fallen always spawn "in that spawn place".The next 2 in other.Ist up to u
tanks to get it in Memory.ALways same spawn order Locations so memorize them.

3.Yes we will Change Locations next time.

4.Yes like i said in rage last time that many People got Audio trigegr fired becuase viral Person
didnt run fast enough.Instead to Keep on  with their work ...tank heal ,dps they run......then we
must heal versus it.

Troll Marshall Sarkus
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Tower of Rot --- man that place pisses me off

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