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 Things people have talked or raged at me about.....

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PostSubject: Things people have talked or raged at me about.....   Mon Nov 02, 2015 5:07 pm

Hi all, Zyth left GH the first time because I was sick of the arguing and crap I believed I saw. Additionally, I am, by nature, not a social animal. Guilds by their nature are a social organ with rules and conduct required for the guild. I am willing to deal with it and will not leave GH unless some catastrophic event occurs.

Post GH, Zyth, Jeff and a number of my other toons were members of a guild called "omg I need gh portals" which, as the name impies,,,just provided memebers the use of the gh portal. Even though nothing has been said TO ME, I suspect some members think I was in league with Kindoz and left to join TRF. Nothing could be further from the truth. IMO, Kindoz is a very good eq player and would run a guild well. After Zyth departed GH and was a member of omg I need.... did I join TRF for a short time. Infighting and broken promises by members of TRF forced me to conclude I should leave TRF. I left TRF on good terms.

Bumpcity rage quit a raid about a week ago, when he did I said some things hoping he would realize he was making a bad decision. ....we can get you a trophy to make you feel better. I stand by my comments, anyone who leaves a raid in the middle for other than an emergency lets us all down. Lucasp saying "FUCK YOU" to me several times in guild chat really didn't help.

Yesterday, Rapor, raged at me about several issues in guild chat in a tirade I was frankly shocked to see. This incident prompted me to post these comments. IIRC, why did I leave, why did you come back, do you need a new ID, I should have recorded what he said but didn't...I'm not going to quibble about it. Others have talked to me about what he did.

Bottom Line is I'm going to say and do what I think needs to be. If you have an issue with me then say something to me not others. I dont like gossip and drama. I love GH,,,I have fun raiding. I like seeing a team work together to accomplish goals. TY for allowing me to rejoin. Jeff

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PostSubject: Re: Things people have talked or raged at me about.....   Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:31 am

Your cool in my book, as long as you show up for raids.   I'm not sure why people get so upset over this stuff, so what he left, but you know what he came back. Takes more of a person to admit that they got it wrong or were wrong and that they want another shot.  Someone who can do that is good in my book.

Now on to the part that people might to offense too and this is directed to everyone but i got to say something because it needs to stop.  If your annoyed at someone for doing something you don't like but has no direct affect on you, then just drop it.  We are first a furthermost a guild that raids,  everything else comes after that and if you push people away and don't try to replace them then you are going to end up destroying something you love. 

Everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them and grow.  growth is a good thing, staying stagnate is not. Also i think we should be more aggressive in inviting people to raid with us, if we cant get them to join at least we can get them addicted to raiding with us, because if you have not realized it yet, we are a raiding guild and we are freaking good at it.

Anyway said my peace so hate me or not but i was GH to grow ... what about you(as in everyone)?

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Things people have talked or raged at me about.....

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