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 New potion line

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New potion line Empty
PostSubject: New potion line   New potion line Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2015 10:29 am

Hey all i was going to post on the new potion line available i can currently make the ones specific to brewing and baking and will soon have pottery as well.  The info can be found below they are pretty nice some of them offer alot of benefit when used in conjunction.

1) Burning Salad

this is a + 25 attack and +25% over haste meaning you can have a max haste of 225. I have not checked to see if it stacks with the click over haste offered on items but i believe it will since that is now a passive buff so in actuality you can have a max haste of 233% or 241% depending on which passive version of haste you have.

i believe the buff last for 10 min but this can be effected by spell modifiers.

2) Magical Bounty

This is a hp/mana/endurance regen and last for 30 min.

3) Enchanted sugar cake

this is a ac + dodge% mod

4) Mana Infustion

This is a attack proc buff that last for an hour, the proc is 5k.

5) relic fragment figurine

this is a ac + resist buff it give plus 200 ac and plus 200 to all resist.

If you want me make them for you just ask in game and supply the 3 relic fragments for each pot and the cost of the raw ingredients. 

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New potion line

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