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 Stop the Procrastination!

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PostSubject: Stop the Procrastination!   Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:47 pm

Hey you!

The one reading this that KNOWS he or she hasnt been on for raids lately.

The ones that are sitting back and waiting until the doors are opened for you.

The ones that are making it hard for the rest of us to enjoy the game and progress, because you wont log in and do your part.

I say this to you.....Are you GREY HORIZON or not?

Log in TODAY!

Raids start at 2pm today!!

However....If you cant make it today for raids....please please Please plan on showing up on Friday, November 2nd and that weekend.

We are sooooo so close to winning Pillars, we just need those that know how to play their part to log on and DO so! We can win this, we could have already won this.....

Stop the procrastination and join us again!
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Stop the Procrastination!

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