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 Jildacey's everquest memorial

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Jildacey's everquest memorial Empty
PostSubject: Jildacey's everquest memorial   Jildacey's everquest memorial Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2012 10:58 am

I am logging on Sarkusdate every 15 to 30 days or so , that should keep the memorial from poofing again. There are still some missing items that were placed by folks in the guild. I am giving it till July 17th (next Tuesday) than I am going to save the memorial again and open it up for new items to be placed. A couple of folks have asked about adding new stuff and I asked them to wait till everyone could return what was there. If you have an "eviction" crate in your mail( and you placed items in the memorial) all you need to do is go the site place the crate and unload it. You than put the crate back in your inventory. I have the memorial's layout saved form right after we did the formal good-bye as a guild and eerything will go back where it needs to be.

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Jildacey's everquest memorial

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